Car & Van Window Tinting

Choice of Window Films

Whether you are looking for a subtle, elegant finish or a vibrant, bespoke effect that reflects your personality we can make it happen. Window tints are available in a wide variety of shades from light to dark, in graduated shading effects, and also in special effect finishes in any colour to match your vehicle and creative imagination. We also fit soft charcoal colour tints to match factory privacy glass.

Range Rover Sport Window Tinting in Sussex

Light Smoke – 50% Visible Light

  • Allows 50% light to pass through
  • A light tint for a subtle look

Smoke – 35% Visible Light

  • Allows 35% light to pass through
  • Best if you are looking for a stylish, subtle look, where you can still see through the vehicle

Midnight/Medium Tint – 15% Visible Light

  • Allows 15% light to pass through
  • Matches factory privacy glass
  • Looking into the car it is just possible to make out silhouettes
  • Improves viewing comfort for rear passengers viewing back seat tv/screens, laptops and tablets
  • The best option for most vehicles
  • Our most popular choice

Limo Tint – 5% Visible Light

  • Allows 5% light to pass through
  • An extreme black-out tint for maximum privacy
  • Rear passengers can still see out but people cannot see in
  • Provides best viewing of back seat tv/screens, laptops and tablets
  • Effective protection on commercial vehicles to help prevent theft of tools
  • Provides maximum heat protection to keep occupants cooler in summer
  • Will reduce the driver’s ability to see behind at night

Quality Window Tint Films

llumar_window_filmWe use the best quality window tint films from Llumar to enhance the visual appearance of your vehicle, adding style, privacy, comfort and safety. Engineered to a higher standard of performance, Llumar window tint is a superior quality, colour stable film with a durable scratch-resistant coating.

We can supply other brand films on request.